The last thing you need to raise a child is anxiety!


The feeling of relaxation, Mom

Thinking back to the time when I just had a baby, every day was full of anxiety: headaches, hot and uncomfortable, every time I worried. Unbalanced nutrition, picky food does not eat well, the elderly have no experience with children and so on.

Now think about the time with the baby, the last thing you need is anxiety, worrying about this and that every day, instead of having a good rest, having a good experience of being a new mother, and accompanying a little life that is not going to change every day.

Professional problems, to professional people and products. The “nutrition bucket for the whole family” that children need daily, it is recommended that treasure mothers choose safe and professional products. For example, calcium, probiotics, which are needed every day, traditional tablets are too large, easy to cause the danger of choking, and in the process of supplementation, it becomes a pile of messy. The appearance of freeze-dried flash release tablets solves this problem well.

Hubei Ferui Biopharma Co., LTD., based on the high porosity drug carrier technology derived from the British laboratory, has developed BlinkTech freeze-drying flash release technology with independent intellectual property rights through all scientific researchers to overcome difficulties and iterate and upgrade the technology, and has achieved large-scale, industrialized and standardized production of freeze-drying flash release series products.


Freeze-dried flash release technology

Freeze-dried flash release tablet is a new type of tablet that dissolves immediately after being taken without water and directly ingesting. It can be divided into: a new oral dosage form without water developed by perfectly combining the vacuum freeze-drying technology of -196℃ liquid nitrogen with the forming technology of flash release preparation.

“Flash release” means that it is quickly dissolved and released like lightning. The key to achieving flash release is that the research team screened out the skeleton agent excipients with good water solubility, safety and edible, and formed a sponge-like skeleton structure tablet with high porosity through deep freezing. Due to the good water solubility of the skeleton agent excipients, it can quickly dissolve after entering the mouth.

The new way of dosage form taking created by the mother and child password freeze-dried flash release series products is different from the cumbersome burden of other products, and it is more suitable for the convenience needs of modern Bao Ma:


Flash nutrition

Application of freeze-drying flash release technology

It melts in the mouth without water

It’s a quick goodbye card

Guard the whole family easily and quickly

For many 👩🏻 new mothers, giving birth to a baby is not a completely happy moment, because it also means a change in life focus and identity, as well as a variety of unprecedented problems

🙋🏻‍♀️ but because of this, we must actively adjust ourselves to find joy and energy in everything in life, to be ourselves, to heal ourselves, and to fight anxiety and restlessness

🌱 Take care of yourself, then take care of the children
It is not uncommon for children to go without food when they are young. Get through that, very sweet 👍 how to raise children, their own decisions. This is to uphold their right to educate their children. Simplify food, clothing, housing and transportation and delegate power to grandparents,
Ideological education in their own hands. Don’t get caught up in the “I’m tired, but I’m Mom” loop.