Spring rejuvenation, together to explore the magic of flash release nutrition!

Spring grows in summer, autumn harvests in winter
The weather has warmed up recently.
A lot of southern friends
The flowers are already blooming
I feel my body becoming lighter
Many people who take health care internally
It’s already been arranged


Vitality full body depends on nourish

Spring is the first of the four seasons, spring through the liver, the liver is wood, wood has the characteristics of growth, hair, strip up to ease; “Huangdi Neijing” records “spring and summer Yang, autumn and winter Yin”, so the spring health focus on regulating the liver and spirit, comply with the spring Yang rise comfortable characteristics.

Spring is also the best season to prepare for pregnancy and promote the growth and development of children, taking advantage of this season to regulate the body, but also to lay a good foundation for a year of health.

The spring semester has just begun, many children have been buried in the sea of books, and they have not been able to enjoy the sunshine outdoors, and some parents are ready to “help” small helpers.


Vitality full body depends on nourish

“I used to think that internal products are IQ taxes, and now it’s really sweet.” Since the child entered the sixth grade, he wrote his homework late every day. Sometimes it feels like his brain can’t remember things, so I bought him DHA. After a period of time, I feel that I can recite faster, my homework efficiency is improved, and I am more focused in class.”

A mother’s real feedback, before feeling young do not need to make up, after giving birth to a second child, found that the health of the body to scientific maintenance, starting from the daily health. Whether it is for adults or children to choose nutritional supplements, we often face a lot of problems caused by taking:

For example: traditional tablets are too large, the elderly and children are easy to cause choking; The taste is not good, the child refuses to take it; Too much auxiliary materials, the addition of sugar preservatives, causing a burden to children; It’s too much trouble.

The emergence of freeze-dried flash release technology has solved the problem of “one old and one young” taking:

Ferui Pharmaceutical launched a series of freeze-dried flash-release tablets, which can contain good nutrition for eating, quickly absorb it in the mouth, avoid the problem of choking and resistance, and also avoid secondary pollution of utensils. To ensure maximum microbial activity, shelf life of 36 months, to achieve the liberation of hands, happy supplement!


Freeze-dried flash release technology

Hubei Ferui Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise platform founded around freeze-dried flash release dosage form technology. With strong enterprise strength, the major product lines have been trusted by partners and consumers since the listing. The annual contract and contract amount reached more than 100 million yuan. According to market statistics, there are more than 3,000 kinds of products suitable for freeze-dried flash release tablets, and the future application and development value is huge!


Flash nutrition

Mother and child code DHA algae oil freeze-dried flash release tablet
Application of freeze-drying flash release technology
It melts in the mouth without water
Extraction of rare Schizochytrium
Unique masking technology
It tastes great. The whole family loves it