Solve the feeding problem for new mothers

New mothers are always happy with the arrival of the baby at the same time, but also in the care of the baby. Even if there are old people around to help take care of, but in the face of scientific parenting, new parenting, new mothers are still under great pressure, want to give their children better care, more professional, more high-quality nutrition.

It's easier to melt in the mouth

True sharing from Bao Ma:

The baby suddenly cried in the middle of sleep more than 2 months, how to coax is not good, as a new mother really at a loss, and love the child, later found that it may be colic, intestinal flatulence, add probiotics for a period of time intestinal flatulence problems have improved.

To more than 5 months after the addition of complementary foods and constipation, dry stool for the longest 4-5 days to row once, hold the small face red. The probiotics you ate earlier were only moderately effective. Later, I learned that probiotics are live microorganisms, afraid of oxygen and high temperature, it is easy to deactivate without attention, and it is easy to drink it for children, and it is easy to get stuck and not say, every time it is like a “disaster”.

Recently discovered treasure: Probiotic freeze-dried flash release tablets

It’s completely turned out to be my favorite

First of all, the mouth is melted, do not worry about the problem of choking, but also do not have to measure the water temperature, stir constantly, and feed the child spoonful by spoonful; And through learning to know that the core of this black technology is freeze-dried flash release technology, a small piece of the entrance is melted, but the amount of nutrition is not a lot!

Freeze-dried flash release technology

Hubei Ferui Biopharma Co., Ltd. takes the high porosity drug carrier technology derived from the British laboratory as the prototype of freeze-dried flash release technology. After all the scientific researchers overcome the difficulties, iterate and upgrade the technology, BlinkTech freeze-dried flash release technology with independent intellectual property rights has been developed, and has realized the large-scale, industrialized and standardized production of freeze-dried flash release series products. So that the national can take nutrition, medicine without water, no need to take water, melt in the mouth, prevent choking, room temperature storage, convenient and time-saving, comfortable taste.

Ferui Pharmaceutical launched a series of freeze-dried flash-release tablets, which can contain good nutrition for eating, quickly absorb it in the mouth, avoid the problem of choking and resistance, and also avoid secondary pollution of utensils. To ensure maximum microbial activity, shelf life of 36 months, to achieve the liberation of hands, happy supplement!

Flash nutrition

Mother and child code probiotics containing sugar flash release tablets

Application of freeze-drying flash release technology

Warm activation at the mouth

Danisco strain (formerly Dupont)

> 190 billion CFU viable bacteria per gram

Acid and alkali resistant and easy to colonize

When do I need probiotics?

When the baby has trouble digesting

Pull the stomach, the number of feces per day significantly increased

It’s not smooth. It’s difficult

Poor health, always unwell

When there is flatulence, the stomach is weak and needs conditioning