Don’t exercise, picky eater? It’s too difficult to give children calcium

Take calcium as early as possible

Your child is not ↓
· Don’t like exercise or sun exposure?
· Do not drink milk and very picky food?
· Frequent muscle aches and leg cramps?
Don’t envy her child’s growing height!
Seize the golden period of children’s growth! Calcium is really important

Follow the natural health, with the four seasons rotation to raise the “viscera”. Spring to all things, it is often said that spring is the best node for calcium. To seize the growth season of all things and promote the synthesis of calcium in the body.

Here to emphasize the common misunderstanding of baby calcium supplement:

Now, there are too many choices for treasure mothers to give their children calcium supplements, but the calcium dosage form that melts into the mouth, we must not have seen it, today we will understand

Freeze-dried flash release

In the late 20th century, Gregory et al. in the United Kingdom used vacuum freeze-drying technology in the laboratory to create a drug carrier with high porosity, which quickly dissolved about 3 seconds after encountering saliva in the mouth and did not need to be taken with water, which is the prototype of freeze-drying flash release technology.

Hubei Ferui Biopharma Co., Ltd. takes the high porosity drug carrier technology derived from the British laboratory as the prototype of freeze-dried flash release technology. After all the scientific researchers overcome the difficulties, iterate and upgrade the technology, BlinkTech freeze-dried flash release technology with independent intellectual property rights has been developed, and has realized the large-scale, industrialized and standardized production of freeze-dried flash release series products. So that the national can take nutrition, medicine without water, no need to take water, melt in the mouth, prevent choking, room temperature storage, convenient and time-saving, comfortable taste.

Ferui Pharmaceutical launched a series of freeze-dried flash-release tablets, which can contain good nutrition for eating, quickly absorb it in the mouth, avoid the problem of choking and resistance, and also avoid secondary pollution of utensils. To ensure maximum microbial activity, shelf life of 36 months, to achieve the liberation of hands, happy supplement!

Ferri nutrition

Mother and baby code milk calcium freeze-dried flash release tablet
It melts in the mouth without water
Small amount of scientific calcium supplements
Babies love to eat mother’s peace of mind

Take milk calcium freeze-dried flash release tablet need to notice what?

1, flash release tablet type milk calcium takes without water, without chewing, the tablet can be directly injected, about three seconds can be completely dissolved, no gravel feeling;

2, try to avoid taking with drugs, so as not to interfere with each other;

3, try to avoid eating with meals, so as not to interfere with the oxalic acid and other ingredients in food calcium absorption;

4, 1-2 tablets can be taken at a time. For lactating mothers, menopausal women, the elderly and young people who are partial and picky eaters during the growing period, the dosage can be adjusted as appropriate;

5, calcium can prevent osteoporosis, but if there are obvious sick symptoms, be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible, follow the doctor’s advice.